Wing Chun Gung Fu

Based in the precepts of simplicity, directness and efficiency, Wing Chun is known for short-range striking skills and tactical sensitivity methods. Wing Chun is known today as the martial art featured in the “Ip Man” films and at the heart of Bruce Lee’s formal Gung Fu training. What few realize is that it was designed to equip political rebels with solid skills in Southern China approximately 200 years ago. During the 1950’s and 1960’s Wing Chun proved itself practical winning rooftop challenge matches and street fights in Hong Kong.

The traditional syllabus for the Ip Man line of Wing Chun consists of 3 empty hand routines, 1 training routine and 2 weapon routines. These set routines act as “texts” or “catalogues” of the principles and techniques guiding the practitioner. Various training exercise routines act to flesh-out the proper practice and usage of the skills introduced in the routines.