Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do

This program will offer extensive training in the art and science of Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do (the way of the intercepting fist). Students will be exposed to the original techniques, training methods and philosophies taught by Bruce Lee (Lee Jun Fan) during the three major phases of JKD’s development. Those three phases were the Seattle, Washington phase, the Oakland, California phase and the Los Angeles, Chinatown phase. Most styles of martial arts train in only one or two ranges of fighting, while Jeet Kune Do utilizes training in four specific fighting ranges ; kicking, punching, trapping and joint locks/grappling. Training in all four ranges prepares the fighter for any range they may find themselves in and also allows them to transition to whatever range is necessary or just the range that they prefer. With directness of attack and economy of motion as guidelines, dynamic footwork, economic defensive motions, explosive trapping, striking and grappling will be integrated into a smooth flowing devastating method of destructive unarmed personal combat.

Honoring Si Jo Lee’s commitment to physical fitness ,each training session will incorporate elements of flexibility training, strength training and cardiovascular training with improvements to the students overall fitness level and fighting ability as the goal. Without the strength to bring technique to life, knowledge is useless. Students will also be exposed to regular sparring sessions. As Bruce Lee said “you can’t learn to fight by doing anything other than fighting”. Sparring is an essential part of the JKD curriculum and is essential to the student’s development of realistic fighting skills as well as their fighting spirit. A strong emphasis is put on placing the practitioner’s strong side forward and using the lead side tools to attack across the gap. In kicking range the student will develop the ability to use a variety of kicking techniques to inflict damage and bridge the gap to punching range as well as to intercept the opponent’s attacks, literally shutting down their kicking range. In punching range from longer distances the striking will at times resemble western boxing or Thai-boxing techniques. At slightly closer more cramped ranges the striking will resemble Wing Chun striking techniques.

Wing Chun Gung Fu is the nucleus of Jun Fan/JKD. A basic working knowledge of its techniques, methodology and terminology are absolutely necessary for having a complete understanding of what Jeet Kune Do is about. Trapping hands techniques (Phon Sao) are used to remove obstructions from the intended line of attack. These techniques are used to smash, push, pull, jerk and drive the opponents defending limbs out of the way or into a briefly pined or “trapped “ position from which they have little or no defense against the strikes that will follow. Trapping techniques can take place before, during or after the opponent’s attack. The natural progression from trapping range is to joint locking and grappling range. At this range head- butts, elbows, knees, joint locks, chokes, takedowns, throws and ground fighting techniques are explored to further prepare the student for the reality of personal combat.