C.E.P.D. - Intro to Defensive Shooting Program

"Introduction to Defensive Shooting " is a Cutting Edge Personal Defense course. This course will help develop the skill sets necessary for using a handgun for self-defense. Picking up where our Basic Handgun Class leaves off, the student will apply the basic skills already learned to more advanced weapon manipulation techniques and proficiency drills.

• The Drawstroke-Presentation From A Holster
• Defensive Accuracy
• Developing a Balance of Speed and Accuracy
• Magazine Changes-Speed Reloads and Tactical Reloads
• Malfunction Clearing
• Multiple Shots/Multiple Targets
• Shooting On The Move
• Cover vs. Concealment
• Shooting Positions
• Proficiency Drills

Gear Requirements:
• Semi-automatic Pistol
• Holster (No Thigh-rigs or Shoulder Holsters)
• Minimum of 3 Magazines
• Minimum of 200 Rounds

• C.E.P.D Basic Handgun class, equivalent course or pre-course evaluation