Cutting Edge Integrated Arts Program

Using Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD as a core, our Integrated Fighting Arts Program training will expose the student to training methods and techniques from Muay Thai kickboxing, Fillipino martial arts, specifically blade and impact weapons as well as ground fighting techniques found in the style of Ju Jitsu . Exposure to training in Muay Thai kickboxing is an excellent way to help develop the students striking ability, defense against striking techniques as well as an incredible level of cardiovascular and physical conditioning that will prepare the fighter to take and inflict damage relentlessly. The training in this system is extremely physically demanding, but will yield improvements in the students kicking, punching, elbow striking, knee striking and fighting from standing clinch or blum position.

Training in the Phillipino martial arts will consist of techniques and training methodology from the arts of Kali, Escrima and Arnis. Students will be exposed to methods of fighting with edged and impact weapons. We feel it is absolutely necessary to prepare our students for the reality of fighting with and against weapons. Students in this program will also be exposed to basic ground fighting techniques and theory. If you are training in a self defense system that does not prepare the student for the reality of being taken down to the ground and fighting off their back against a larger stronger opponent , then you are not training for the reality of real life situations.

When grown men fight there is almost always a weapon involved. We focus our ground fighting on surviving the takedown, getting to a superior position while creating space to draw a weapon and get back to a standing position. The last place we want to be in a real life fight is on our back. If multiple opponents or weapons are involved, fighting from the ground is the last place you want to be. Students in the Integrated Fighting Arts program will also be exposed to the proper skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for owning and using a firearm responsibly for personal defense. This program focuses on the students overall ability to adapt and survive multiple types of personal defense situations.