Cutting Edge Personal Defense offers specialized private and semi-private training in multiple aspects of practical personal protection. We also offer our complete product line of Custom Concealment Gear holsters and magazine carriers. Our goal is to provide a complete picture of personal defense and develop strong basic skills, mindsets, and tactics that can be applied to the real world threats of everyday life. When it comes to personal defense strategies, firearms, edged/impact weapons and unarmed martial arts, we believe that the proper tools and tactics along with realistic training techniques will give you the edge you need to defend yourself and family when escape is not an option.

All training is done in a friendly and positive atmosphere that is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual student or group. No prior martial arts or firearms experience is necessary. New students will be introduced to our core concepts, techniques and training methods to develop a variety of fundamental skills and attributes. As the basic skills are mastered, the student will be challenged with more advanced training at higher intensity levels and harder contact levels to help them evolve to a higher level of proficiency, self confidence, and personal strength that can be applied to every aspect of their lives .This is not a competition or sport based MMA environment. All training focuses on the reality of fighting to save your life and those who are important to you.

Our firearms training programs offer practical instruction in the safe and responsible use of personal firearms for defense of self and family for beginners to advanced shooters. All of our firearms courses are taught by certified NRA instructors and can be taken as a complete class or several blocks of private instruction. Our Refuse to be a Victim seminar is an award winning crime prevention and personal safety program that teaches methods to avoid dangerous situations and possibly prevent criminal confrontations. Experts agree that the most important factor in surviving a criminal attack is to have an overall safety strategy in place before you need it. Seminar topics address personal safety issues as well as home, automobile, telephone, work place, technological and travel security strategies. The goal of this seminar is to open your eyes to the methods criminals are using to get close to you and help you integrate personal safety strategies into your daily lives that will make you a much harder target to get to.

Our martial arts program offers extensive training in the art and science of Jun Fan Gung Fu /Jeet Kune Do, which is derived from the original techniques, training methods and philosophies of the late Bruce Lee (Lee Jun Fan). All training in this system is designed to develop realistic fighting skills and attributes to help you be prepared to fight at any range, against any style or opponent. We also offer an Integrated Fighting System that introduces students to training methods of Muay Thai kickboxing, Filipino martial arts, specifically blade and impact weapons as well as techniques from multiple styles of Jiu-Jitsu. We feel it is absolutely essential to prepare our students for the reality of fighting with and against weapons both standing up and on the ground. We also offer training in Wing Chun Gung Fu, which is a legendary Chinese fighting system based on directness, economy of motion and control of the centerline of attack. Wing Chun Gung Fu is the basic core of Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do.

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